Timea Kallai

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Artist Statement/Bio

I was born in Hungary and been inspired by art trough my family. I have visited many European countries and been fascinated of their art cultures. I have moved to New York in 1998 then moved to California in 2010 and started to refresh my artistic life. I have been living in NC, Wake Forest since 2016. I am a Montessori School teacher and painting Acrylics in my spare time.

About My Work

I had been inspired by art since my childhood . I grew up surrounded by artists in Hungary and been interested of painting since I was 6 years old. As a child I took art lessons because they saw talent in me and was able to attend an exhibit, art show in Japan when I was 10 years old. I continued drawing, charcoaling and only used water colors as a hobby. Painting continued as a hobby in my life and was able to show my art work on exhibits in Hungary. Since moving to California I have decided to start changing my life and live for art and became an acrylic painter. I recently opened up a web site where I would like to show my paintings to the public.

Email: timeakallai@yahoo.com

Website: www.marigoldstudio.net