Rose Welty

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Artist Statement/Bio:

My earliest memories are of my uncle’s paintings and drawings on the walls of my parents’ home. I remember staring at them for hours, following the lines, imagining his gestures, and just looking. He was a master of pen and ink and deft with a brush. Staring at his work, I always felt there was more to see, the harder I looked, the more I found there was to see.

Artist Bio
I am a professionally trained and experienced software engineer. In 2007, I gave more time to pursuing my lifelong interest in art. Since then I have been involved in various artists’ groups and guilds.
• 2017 – Juried Show “HeART and Home” @Artists’ Loft
• 2016 – Juried Show @ Artists’ Loft, Wake Forest
• 2015 – Solo Show @Libi Eir Mikveh, Raleigh NC
• 2015 – WFGA Tour of Artists 2015
• 2014 – Randolph County Art Guild, Asheboro NC, “Chicken Art Show”,
• 2014 – WFGA Tour of Artists 2014
• 2013 – Wake Forest Guild of Artists board member
• 2012 – joined WFGA
• 2011 – Juried Show @Nature Art Gallery, Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh NC


About My Work:

How do you decide what to paint?
For me, it is a line. An unusual line attracts me first. In my mind, I see that line spread out into shape. Then I start thinking about making that shape with a stroke of the brush.
That’s where I’m pulled into a piece and begin painting it.

Why do you create?
Creating enables me to communicate in ways that words never satisfy. There is a need in me to express concepts and ideas without speaking. Naturally self-conscious and shy, I am able to open myself up in my art. Creation centers me and enables me to confidently tackle the vicissitudes of life.

What draws you to your style and subject matter?
To me, understated strength is one of the most beautiful things in the world. A loose, abstracted piece that looks hastily done, but is actually the product of many years of disciplined study and practice, is the highest form of magic in art.



Phone: 704-579-5606