Phyllis Weldon

Artist Bio

Phyllis Weldon finds beauty to express in the rhythmic patterns of life, geometry, the simplicity of nature, and the chaos of a changing world.

Phyllis is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia where she studied Painting, Photography, Music, and Film. Her color photography was chosen for a major exhibition of Virginia artists at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Phyllis’ love for the Arts began at a very early age. Since an early age she was awarded and recognized for drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography.

Today she is an accomplished artist with works frequently exhibited on the East Coast and select European galleries. While Phyllis enjoys a successful career as an independent business consultant and owner of Eolus Compliance Solutions, she remains most passionate about the Arts.

Ms. Weldon’s works range from photographs to paintings in oil, watercolor, acrylic, commissioned portraits and landscapes, murals, stained glass installations/window design, drawings and illustrations.

About My Work

Phyllis’ work focuses equally on Photography and Painting. Her art work demonstrates a proficiency in many media with a comfort in a broad range of subject matters. Phyllis’ portfolio ranges from Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor to Fine Art Photography.Phyllis’ paintings are varied in style, possessing a uniquely expressive brush stroke. Her art is comprised of abstracted landscapes, representational compositions from random repeating patterns found in nature, fractals, seascapes, figurative paintings from life, and geometric patterns.