Delphine Peller

Artist Statement/ Bio:

Delphine has always been creative; whether it was decorating a room, volunteering to help out with school crafts, or just doodling on a rainy day.  However, it was not until Delphine was faced with her diagnosis of the chronic illness Lupus in 1992 that she began to paint for herself.  Art has been a big part of her life ever since and she enjoys acrylic, collage, digital, and watercolor painting.  She has been selling and doing commission work for 10 years in the Raleigh area.  Delphine lives in North Raleigh and when away from the easel she is busing driving her two active kids to the karate dojo and ice hockey rink.

About my art:

Whether I am creating an abstract or photo-realistic piece, the strength of my work comes from my distinctive use of shadowing and color relationships. Nature inspires me when I see light being dramatized by saturated hues and shadowed forms.

My unique collage technique is work intensive, one painting may have three or more of my own pieces built upon itself.  This medium is an excellent companion for my strong lines and shading.  It brings together the elements of fine art, randomness, and my creativity to achieve dynamic compositions.