Nancy Wright

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Artist Statement/Bio

I have always been drawn to creating visual art and fine crafts and would tell you as a child that I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I even had a red felt beret! I always had many creative projects in the works including drawing, painting, pottery, fiber crafts, paper mache’, sewing for my dolls and for myself. I often participated in local art lessons on Saturdays. I attended art school at The Maryland Institute College of Art and at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design graduating with a BFA. So what does one do with a degree in fine arts? Here’s the highlights: I continued drawing and painting, worked as a designer in an art department, did custom interior design & sewing, and created all sorts of fabric and fiber crafts. As a mother of four, I taught art classes to many children while homeschooling my own. When the kids were a little older, I started making quilts and eventually bought a longarm quilting machine. Soon I was in business offering custom machine quilting to the large quilting community in my area. In 2002 I opened a retail quilt shop in Wake Forest, NC. My teenage girls and I worked side-by-side running the shop as they finished up high school. It was very hard work for all of us but was also very rewarding. We got to know many wonderful and talented people along the way. I sold the shop in 2007. All the while I have continued to making all sorts of art and fine crafts such as painting, collage, art quilts, and recently leather jewelry.

About my work

I am currently working on a series of mixed media collages that are mounted on cradle boards. Many of my non-representational and semi-abstract works are designed to be hung in groups of two or more. The media I use most frequently are acrylic paint, papers that I paint or print on, found objects/ papers, as well as watercolor crayons, ink pencils and a variety of drawing tools. I have also had a long-time love affair with quilting and usually have one or more art quilts in the making. And for fun, I’ve been making leather jewelry – which seems to be turning into a business, as many people want to buy my pieces. I post on Instgram and Facebook as NancyWrightStudios. My website is just a page and is currently under construction.