Marti King

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Artist Statement/ Bio:

To be born and raised in Germany surrounded by castles and beautiful quaint villages,a little girl can’t help but dream.Encouraged by her grandparents to draw and create Martha, affectionately known as “Marti” by all who know and love her,learned to capture the vibrant alife all around her.
Marti came to America as a teenager to be with her parents, finish her education and learn English. She always loved to paint, but it wasn’t until after she married and had children, that she returned to her first love, Art. Marti initially painted for the love of the craft and to create unique gifts for her friends.Recognizing her gift, they encouraged her to show and sell her work, which has been shown and sold in Europe and the USA.

About my work:

Versatile and passionate about people and life, Marti paints and creates with an array of media.Her latest passions include her “Beaded Creations” hair adornments and scarves designed from a combination of fiber and beads, and her stunning alcohol ink on tile paintings.
Marti’s work is featured at Ollies Cafe and Gifts” of Wake Forest and in her private Studio, “King’s Palette”. She is also available for private lessons at your home or her studio. Marti’s unique style draws the viewer into her world of beauty and tranquility. Each piece is not only a reflection of her talent, but her rich German roots and zest for life.