Linsay Narvaez

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Artist Statement/Bio

I graduated with a Fine Arts Edu. degree from Flagler College in beauteous St.Augustine, Fl. In 1999. I’ve decided that if we don’t move back before I retire, I will at least retire there and blend with the tourists! I taught Art in Miami Fl. For several years before moving up to Raleigh and teaching at Millbrook Elementary for a year. I broke off from full time teaching through Wake County, and started teaching part time at Sertoma Art Center, also for a short time at Arts Together. I had to break off teaching for a while I raised my 2 kids. Once my youngest was 3 I went back to teaching as a substitute. I’m slowly returning to the field of teaching Art, and every chance I get to teach it is a breath of fresh air!

About my work

When I teach Art to students, young and less young, I try to experiment with them as much as possible! There are endless possibilities in this field, so anything is fair game. I’ve learned and taught basic marbelizing, found object sculpture, hand-building with clay, painting, printing, collage, drawing, building, tie-dying, and more. Art is about exploring the possibilities of what your mind and hands can agree to create.
That being said, my own work is not as varied. Possibly because I feel there is so much to learn in each genre, and within each medium, I’ve dug in with acrylic painting, with mixed media, with either wood panel or canvas, and often I stick with portraiture or Abstracts, or still life.



Phone: (649)649-6764