Kevin Kirkendoll

Artist Statement/Bio

I was born in a small community near Maggie Valley, North Carolina. As a child, I always had a creative spirit. Many evenings, I watched my dad design and produce jewelry. My families’ enthusiasm instilled an early aspiration for craftsmanship. My dad played an important role in developing my childhood inspiration, but unfortunately he passed away before I could master my dad’s skills. As an adult, I developed more interest in the art of jewelry, tying me closer to my family’s roots. Searching for a unique method, I began working with a Sterling Silver wire and after 25 years creating unique designs I have created many items people love.About my work

About My Work

I am self-taught jewelry artist. I didn’t attend art school or classes. I learned by practicing. I sell some of my work on Amazon Handmade and at craft fairs and shows. Every week I try to create something new and I am always working out designs in my head as the day goes on. I was once featured on local TV in SC and had a lot of fun filming the twenty-eight minute segment. I owned a shop at the Anderson SC Jockey Lot for several years and sold my designs every weekend for a few years. I love creating new items and remaking old designs.



Phone: (919) 455-4525