Katherine Bishop

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Artist Statement/Bio:

Katherine Bishop is an artists who favors painting landscapes and portraits of people and animals. Her Portraits capture the mood and personality of the subject rather than simply a reflection of their likeness. Painting landscapes lets her share the essence of some of the special places she visited.

Her works have been exhibited in group exhibitions in MA, CT, TN, & NC. Commissioned portraits are held in Florida, Tennessee, Ohio & New York.

Kathy attended Quinebaug Valley College, Rhode Island School of Design, Memphis College of Art and Daniel Green Workshops. She also studied with Ted Boyer, Portrait Artist who specialized in children’s portraits.

Born in Killingly, CT, she now resides in Wake Forest, NC with her husband Richard and dog Holly, Her son Rick, who practices the art of computer systems design lives with his wife, Sandy in Nevada.

Early on her creativity was expressed through sewing and crafting. Later it developed into a sincere expression of art. Taking art classes in midlife starting with basic drawing and progressing from there to an art career. Kathy took classes in nearly every medium with different instructors to develop her own style.

About my work:

I now work mostly in oil. It is very forgiving and keeps my painting loose. I sketch in charcoal & pencil to keep my drawing skills sharp. I find drawing requires studying the subject, really focusing and paying attention to detail, especially with portraits. I usually do a drawing first to make sure the proportions are correct. Children’s features change at different ages and the proportions very different as they get older.

When painting Portraits, I work both from life & photos. I take several photos preferably in my home studio or outdoors. Natural light is best. I then select several poses & consult with the client, choosing one that best reflects the subject’s personality. My many life study classes working with models helps me make the adjustments necessary working from photos.

When traveling I do some sketching taking note of the difference in color in different locations.I take many photos and I use the camera to select the composition as I would if painting on site. Some photos become paintings and other photos I keep as photos.

I have a home studio and can be reached by email: kathydickbishop@nc.rr.co

 Email:  kathydickbishop@nc.rr.com