Autumn Leslie

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Artist Bio

Originally from Northern Virginia, Autumn Leslie grew up loving art from a young age. As she grew older, she realized art was her passion and wanted to pursue it professionally.

Throughout high school, she was the president of the National Art Honor Society and helped found and run the Red Gallery in Rolesville.

Currently, Autumn is working towards an art associates degree at Wake Technical Community College. Once she graduates, she plans to transfer to university and study animation and illustration.

About My Work

Autumn enjoys experimenting with all sorts of mediums, but is presently working with prismacolor markers, ink, digital painting and oil painting. She usually loves to incorporate her favorite characters from books and television shows or create fantasies of her own through her art.

Autumn Leslie is always happy to learn as much as she can about different art mediums and the art world and welcomes advice, comments, and constructive criticism.



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