Anne Howard

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Artist Statement/ Bio

Anne was born in the United Kingdom and qualified in Fine Art and Design in Liverpool. During her career as a schoolteacher she continued to develop and expand her fine art skills using a range of techniques and media such as pencil drawing, oils, watercolor, water-based media, collage, screen printing, and block printing.
Anne lives in Wake Forest NC. Her lifelong interest in outdoor activities such as skiing, running and mountain hiking is synergistic with her creative instincts because she is able to gain much inspiration for new artwork through the lens of nature.

About my work:

The inspiration for my paintings comes mainly from my own environment and everyday life. I paint only subjects that really excite me and the two elements which interest me most are light and color. The abstract effects created within a subject by changing light are a major interest and challenge.
I work mainly with oil and acrylic paint on canvas. I like the richness and depth of color that can be achieved in both these medium. It appeals to me especially that oils are slow drying. At certain stages, a painting needs to be left for several days to dry thoroughly before continuing. As a result, I am usually working on several paintings at the same time and hence come back to each canvas with a fresh eye.