When you become a member of the Wake Forest Guild of Artists, you are joining a group of people who’s primary mission is to promote the visual arts in our community.  We also provide, through fellowship and general member meetings a sense of camaraderie with each other.  Come join us! Please email with any questions.

If you are an artist in high school or college up to age 19, you qualify to become a member of the Wake Forest Guild of Artists at the teen level.

This is an opportunity to begin an association with the guild and start building relationships with an artist community. By coming to our meetings you will be able to dialogue with professional artists and learn from their experience. Come listen and participate in discussions about choosing raw materials, applying techniques, exhibiting work, and many other topics.

The WFGA is excited to reach out to young artists and help them continue to pursue their interests in arts. The annual fee for teens is $15.

Joining is a two-step process. Complete the form and then pay online using PayPal. Once you submit your membership form you will see a link to pay using PayPal.

Please complete the age-appropriate form by clicking on the link below. When you submit the form you will see a link on the confirmation page which will take you to PayPal to pay the membership fee online.